11th October – Outcome

  • One Spartan Army – Surprisingly only took 4 matches as predicted. Helped a lot by 2 guys dropping out of the last match so I had more opportunity to grind the kills.
  • Roast ‘em, Toast ‘em – As easy as expected. They give you a DMR at the beginning of the rally point too, so you can get at least 5 before the Covvies have even shot at you!
  • The T.G. Opposition – Ummm… I’m sorry to the guys in my first game where I got the shotgun and ran straight in. I was right that it was really hard in the first couple of waves where it’s all grunts and jackals. By the third game I was grenading them and waiting for the brutes and elites to turn up. It did take 4 games in the end (the same 4 games as the first challenge), so it wasn’t too onerous.
  • More than a Handful – OMG, I’m so sorry to the first two games I played. I was really off my targets and managed an impressive 3 kills on the first game. After a few I got my eye in and it was a case of just grinding the kills on each map to get this challenge. Even if you’re poor at the game and only get 5 kills a map this is achievable.

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