12th October – Commentary

So, what do we make of today’s challenges?

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – As in previous weeks they’ll keep increasing the kill volume, credits and game type as the week goes on. 150 in any game type sounds like ‘firefight score attack’ to me. Although…

Return of the Mack – 50 Elites is easy, but which mission to do it in? Reach does a good job of mixing brute and elite groups,  so there’s probably not one mission that is full of Elites. I’m thinking the mission on the Covvie corvette, since that had a load on it. There are definitely 10 or more on the first level, and then more on tip of the spear. So I might just start the game on Normal difficulty (why make it harder for yourself) and go from there. Plus your 50 elites (and however many other dudes you kill) go towards your first challenge. Don’t forget to turn on Score Attack for medals and more cR.

Above the Law – Seriously? A whole round? In Heroic? This is probably the hardest of today’s challenges to get legitimately, and for 500 cR is not worth a huge input of my time. The very wise and skilled Shadow5talker04 (http://shadowfox04.blogspot.com/  or @Shadow5talker04) has said that Firefight Score Attack counts as Matchmaking, so you might be able to put on a custom skull that allows invulnerability which makes it a heck of a lot easier. If you don’t want to do it legitimately that is.

Home Field Advantage – Sounds easy enough, win 7 games. Although with my mad skills I read this more as ‘play 14 games and hope there are good guys on your team for half of them’. Seriously. And again it’ll count towards the first challenge, but I’m not sure 100 cR per game is a great return.


With an England match on as well tonight, I think I’ll aim for the first two, especially with the high amount of credits they give. If you’re going for all of them you shouldn’t have too many issues. Killing 50 Elites in Campaign is a little grindy, it’s not like it’s teaching you a new skill, or indeed trying to get you to do something you wouldn’t do anyway, but for 3000 cR it’ll be worth it. Perhaps I can snipe them to improve my commendations too.


4 Responses to 12th October – Commentary

  1. The Score Attack still counts but as it’s all in the matchmaking co-op presets you can’t set any custom skulls. Might make it too easy otherwise.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Interesting. The challenge doesn’t state a difficulty, does Score Attack allow you to try it on Easy or Normal? Going through Matchmaking defaults to Heroic, so I can’t see myself surviving a whole round. Although thinking about it I bet there will be people in the games now hiding somewhere on the map (down the ramp in Courtyard, in the spawn point on Corvette) until game over. If that’s the case, how will I resist the temptation to betray them?

  2. Score Attack is exactly the same as Firefight, the way it’s set up and the way you play. The only way to really do it is gruntpocolypse (Easy kills with lots of room) or Firefight and hide. To resist betrayals though, remember, the person is there and you will get booted. 😛

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