12th October – Conclusions

Today I got the Return of the Mack and the Shootin’ and Lootin’ challenges. I didn’t bother with the other two, as their reward was not worth the time it would probably take me to do them. So that tells you pretty quickly what I think of the challenges today.

In fact, if the cR you got for the challenges was swapped around (ie only 500 for the kills, 1400 for the Elites etc) this would have been a pretty even day. That might be my stance on it, I’m much better in Campaign type settings than I am in multiplayer (but still not that good), so anything that can be done that way is going to be my way of doing it. Someone who’s headshot king with the DMR will look at winning 7 games as an opportunity to play 7-9 games of SWAT and do it easily, but might not handle shielded Elites so well. Or not.

I’m pleased to say the X kills challenge was less of a grind, as it came by playing 1.5 campaign missions. The Elite one was specific enough that it wasn’t a huge grind, but still a bit of one. The Home Field Advantage definitely would have been a grind for me.

What do we think we’re going to get tomorrow? I reckon either 100 kills in Firefight on X map, or 200 kills in Campaign. Some sort of weapon/vehicle specific kill target, and something map specific too. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re slightly more balanced tomorrow, after easy ones yesterday and mixed ones today.

Oh and for anyone wondering, I think I would rather have played Reach rather than watch the turgid England display tonight. I can’t wait for the Four Nations to be on, but I’m sad the Rugby League season is almost over for another year. Sigh.


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