Reach Challenges October 12th – Outcome

I’m going to update this as I’m playing since I can almost live blog the games:

Game 1 – Winter Contingency in Campaign on Normal. 105 kills, 10 of which were Elites. Not bad, and I’m going to have the One Spartan Army by the next game I reckon. There might have been more dudes that the rest of Noble killed, but I got the majority. It is possible to stay out instead of going into the base as more and more Covvie dudes are dropped on you, but it’s a mostly Grunt and Jackal team with maybe 1 Elite so not very helpful. 3 Elites once you get in the base which is useful.

Game 2 – Woah. I got the 150 kills easy, I also got 9 Elite kills. Then an Elite ambushed me in a building and I died. And apparently the Challenge cannot be completed if you die in a game in Campaign. It looks as though it’ll be fine if I quit out of the mission and then go back in, but that looks like a bug (or ‘feature’), since it implies it has to be completed without dying at all, which isn’t implied in the challenge description.

Game 3 – Okay so this wasn’t strictly game 3 all in one, but I had to quit and restart every time I died because it rendered the challenge unattainable. But I’d definitely say that the third mission, ONI: Sword Base, is the best for the Return of the Mack challenge. Several Elites in the Wraiths and Revenants outside, and then a lot in the base itself, culminating in several cloaking and attacking you at the end. I didn’t take out the ships at the very end, I wonder if they have Elites in them too? Probably.

So I’m done for today at the moment. I might go and try the others later, but I’m going to concentrate on the last couple of Campaign achievements I don’t have yet.


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