Reach Home Field Advantage Challenge – Further Commentary

Today more people seem to be searching on Home Field Advantage – Win 7 multiplayer Matchmaking games. Some further thoughts on this:

  • It’s not in a row, so just keep grinding to get the win
  • Try and team up with friends you know are good at it for team game types (Slayer, SWAT, Invasion)
  • If you can’t, get in a good team and try and stick with them if possible
  • If you’re in a team who lost badly in a game come out of the group and go back in – although if the people who beat you conclusively are still in the lobby with you it might be worth staying and see if you get paired with them
  • There are no particularly quick game types, although SWAT seems to be a faster one, especially in a smaller map like Sword Base or Asylum
  • You’re going for the big W, not kills or a certain weapon type, so heal up in the game and give your shields a chance to recharge – not making yourself an easy kill and keeping the opponent’s score low is as important as getting kills
  • Big Team games are not a good idea – it’s harder to come top when there are lots of teams

If anyone else has any helpful tips, please add them in the comments.


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