Return of the Mack – Commentary

Having played some more of the Campaign missions through today, I think ONI: Sword Base is the best one for Elites. Probably two playthroughs will have your 50, whereas others look like a minimum 5 attempts.

The one I didn’t try it on was the space combat – presumably the game considers something to be flying the Banshees, so that might work as well. If you try it out let me know.


One Response to Return of the Mack – Commentary

  1. Zilfer says:

    I thought I’d just let you know this achievement can be gotten slightly easier then just playing through the whole campaign. The first time it showed up I played ONI: Sword Base and just would run up kill the 3-4 elites at the beginning and die. They changed it to where you can’t do that now, well I found yet another way to do it quickly.

    Start at Bravo Point, in the Mission ‘The Night of Long Solace” or something like that. You should start off on top of the covenant ship and there will be 4 elites with space suits/jetpacks. Kill them and when it says checkpoint pause and go to “restart level”. Most of the time you think this would send you back to the beginning where the beach is but since you loaded Bravo Point when you started the game it loads you back to where you haven’t killed the 4 jetpack elites again. Just rinse and repeat until you’ve got the challenge. Takes 13 reloads or so, but it takes less then 10-15 minutes to earn. Just a helpful tip. 😛

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