Roast ’em Toast ’em and T.G. Opposition Challenges

I’ve seen a number of visitors coming to the site looking for info on these two challenges, so I thought I’d elaborate a bit further:

Roast ’em Toast ’em – As I said earlier, the key here is to be firing the jetpack when you kill someone, it’s not enough to be falling having used the jet pack (otherwise how would the game know you’re not just ‘falling’). I grabbed a DMR rifle and stood on a platform that you use to hop over and sniped some grunts, jackals and brutes. Once they’d run for cover, I went to the lower platform and used the ramp/corridor to go up and used grenades to take a couple more out, firing the pack just as they exploded. My last two were firing the spiker into brutes and again just firing up the jets just before the dudes died.

T.G. Opposition – I still don’t know what this means I’m afraid. It’s hard to use the shotgun initially as the high numbers of grunts and jackals means there’s a lot of fire coming your way, plus the shotgun is pretty poor on jackal shields. As always, grenades/rockets to take out the group and mop up the stragglers. I’d particularly recommend using the shotgun once you start getting the brutes and elites, two shells to the face and they’re down. Be prepared to grind this challenge a bit and play several games.

Pro tip – Have the shotgun from the start, then remember where you’re shot down and come back with a loadout you might want more (ie jetpacks) and go grab the shotgun from your bloodied corpse. One of my kills was an Engineer on Corvette using this trick.

If anyone has any questions or wants further help please feel free to comment.


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