13th October – Challenge Outcome

Okaayyy. That was a weird session. But more on that later.

As expected Just a Shower was very quick, a short run through a mission and done. Before anyone asks, no you can’t just watch the cutscene for Noble Actual for it to work. Shame.

Heroic Demon was a bit of a grind as I kept being killed by the very Elites I was trying to take out. But after 3 or 4 games I did it. I recommend Firefight, Sniperfight or Rocketfight on a map like Corvette, Outpost or Overlook and make sure you’ve got ammo ready when the Elites start appearing.

I decided I would go for the other two in multiplayer Matchmaking, despite being my ‘weaker’ game types. Game 1 was Team SWAT on Asylum, which I quite like as a map. 15 kills, 14 of them headshots (and one beat down). Surprisingly I had the Headshot Honcho on the first attempt, and in fact 4 of the 7 players got 11 or more headshots (3 on my team). So I will revise my earlier, and say this is not so bad to get. As the commenters said, remember to hold your crosshairs high.

I’d also add don’t reload so much. You might take someone down in 2 shots, leaving you with more than enough for your next battle with an opponent, but in reloading you give someone a chance to get that one shot to take you out.

So after 15 kills I thought I’d get the Fire When Ready challenge in another game or two. I went back to Team Slayer, as I wanted to bump up my commendations with other weapons, and played Elite Slayer on Cage.

I got 30 kills.

On my own.

In one game.

We still lost.

Against a 3 man team.

So I hope you’ll understand when I say that was a weird session. Of course is the rest of the team had killed more I wouldn’t have had the chance to get that 30, so personal glory over team achievements (much like the story of Master Chief at the start of Spartan training in the Fall of Reach novel) doesn’t help you at all. And I have no hard feelings for the rest of the team as I’ve performed badly on some games (see my epic 3 kill game yesterday) where I know I’m not a poor player.

Does anyone else have any tales of triumphant victories or crushing defeats on the battlefield that you didn’t expect? I want to hear about any Halo game, not just Reach.

I’ll say now I never expect to get 30 kills again. Especially not when there’s a challenge asking for more than about 10 in one match!


6 Responses to 13th October – Challenge Outcome

  1. Duffy gt: imortal youth says:

    Hi Fist i stumbled uppon this page yesterday and its really helpfull to me since the internet at work has blocked bungie.net for me and i like to knwo whats going on so keep up the good work.

    i have a Tale of moral victory.

    A few days ago i was playign team SWAT solo for a chnage ( i normally play i a team weve been playign sicne the early days of halo 3 together ) so i was out of my normal zone. about a min into the match my assigned team mates having all been killed while running head long into a fight decided to quit out of the match all of them leaving me 1 vs 4 on reflection. i got the normal levels of respect id imagine to get from a team that were outnumbering me and suffered a lot of tea bagging and abuse form the enemy everytime i got killed but not being one to back down i refused to quit the game and decided i would make my stand. After a few deaths and attepts at humiliation i finally spawned uut of there lines of fire and began my come back. at about 3 or 4 mins into the game i made my push to the balcony and found myself standing right next to the other team so i opend fire. after dropping the first one the others swung around and started returing fire but for reasons i cannot explain nothign hit me i cleaned out the balcony with an overkill i must have got the same guy twice in that sicne i didnt get my extermination. Now they were scatterda round the map so i went hunting. i got shot in the center ground in the carp pond and with the true grace of a team thats outnumbering you my killer decided to dance and tea bag my body, no idea that i had just respawned not far away giving me a highly amusing revenge medal while he was still going at my dead body.
    the game went on for soem time eventually ending in my demise 50 / 30. i may have lost but in the grand schme of things il take the moral victory there since best any of there players sis was about 12 kills.
    outnumberd out gunned humiliated at every opertunity but hell spartans dont quit there post even if it means they wont mak it out.

    thanks again for the good work on the here keep it up and hopefully il see you in the game sometime feel free to add me if you like.

    • Duffy gt: imortal youth says:

      appologies for the appauling typing in that comment above, im at work and doing emails at the same time so i try and type faster than i really can, il check em in future haha

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Wow that’s pretty epic. Can you post a picture of the game summary screen?

      And I’m glad to hear it’s useful to you – I got frustrated with the lack of discussion on the web about the challenges so wanted a place where advice and stories could be shared. If there’s anything else you want to see here do ask.

      • Duffy gt: imortal youth says:

        il try im not great with post on the web tho not even sure how to put pics up but il see what i can do.
        if i get any more great games out of it il share those as well.

        just been looking back over older posts and i think im one of those lucky ones haha normally top 20 kills a game in the team ones.

        on a side note i saw the link to geeky tatoos i got a story on those as well.
        my friends and me tend to play halo every friday nigth we have for a long time now so when one of us decided to get married we thought he may be dropping form the fridays ( very glad to say the tenatious swine hasn’t and still makes time every week) so as part of his stag do that turned otu to be a full weekend with a few tv’s set up and a lot of gaming going on we decided to go get some tattoos.
        il put em by gamer tag.
        Mingus x got his emblem form 3 a dream catcher and snake on his right shoulder Gingimaru got his same background but a wolf on the inside of his right forearm and i got mine again dream catcher with black widow on the inside of my left arm. we do get a nice mix of abuse and cudose for them sicne tho but its a nice way to allways remebr ur mates when i get too old to walk around.
        since then i have gotten the noble team emblem on my right wrist too.

        some people dont think its a great idea but hell iv had soem damn good times with the guys on halo and i liek being reminded of the good times everytime i see my arm thats my reason for them anyway.
        il try and get a pic or somethign of those if i can.

  2. Zilfer says:

    Had a Triumph like that, where it was me and another guy vs 4 enemies. Lets just say with a score of 27 to 50 (i believe the enemy had 27 i know for sure they didn’t breach 30) they must have been more then a bit frustrated that two guys could wipe the floor with them. I attribute our win to being in constant communication telling each other what weapons we had lost what to expect where the enemy had last killed us, where the enemy had decided to hide or if they had stayed in the same spot before we respawned. Yeah, they didn’t do so well against us.

    My buddie just last night was playing team swat, and three of the people on his team backed out so he was stuck 1 vs 4. The end of the game was 9 (my buddie) to 2 (4 people side). The reason it ended at the score was because he got he whole enemy team to quite.

    • Duffy gt: imortal youth says:

      Epic work to you and your mate there.
      It does seem that comunication is key to the games esp standard 4 v 4 slayer. it makes the difference between a game maybe going either way and a white wash, me and my flat mate (one of my team mates mr nigel scott the CQC daddy) have a good system we just have both out tv’s and x boxed along one wall in our living room perminatly, so team work is second nature for us now i can allways glance right and see whats going on behind me from his screen, makes our epic runs on the warthog a hell of a lot easier too.

      im glad there are other team players out there not just screaming kids you sir have restored my faith in the halo comunity haha.

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