13th October – Halo Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

I really like today’s challenges. It’s a nice mix of types, and gets you to try something different:

Fire When Ready – Today’s grinding challenge is fairly simple, as shown by the paltry 300 cR for it. I reckon 3-4 matches to finish this. I fully accept other people would look at that and say 1 or 2, but either way it’s simple to do.

Just a Shower – The Thunderstorm skull upgrades all unit levels on enemies, so they get smarter, stronger and often better weapons. Even so, on Normal this should be pretty quick. If you really wanted to do it quickly start Winter Contingency and run past everyone until you get to the evac zone. Then you have to kill each enemy who appears, but you can swiftly wipe out half the mission.

Heroic Demon – Note that this doesn’t specify in one game, so you can do it over a couple of attempts. Rocketfight might well be your friend here. I always like Courtyard for bigger enemies, there seem to be more Elites in later waves on it (although that’s probably just my perception). 20 kills is probably going to be over 2 games, but for 2000 cR it’s well worth it.

Headshot Honcho – Hmmmm, this one does say ‘in a multiplayer Matchmaking game’, so you do have to do all 11 in one go. I’ve played against people for whom this is as easy as anything, for me, perhaps not. Team Snipers or Slayer DMR will be the way to do this – I prefer an open level like Asylum or Pinnacle for this, rather than Cage. Courtyard can be good if you’re able to take people out at a distance. Definitely go for this before trying for Fire When Ready, as trying for this will almost definitely get you the other.

I think of these I’ll be able to get the first three. The final one will be tricky, but worth the effort. If other people are trying as well it will likely mean fewer melee and quick fire kill attempts, so you might get a bit longer to take aim and fire when playing.


4 Responses to 13th October – Halo Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. buzzbl says:

    Headshot honcho – the best way to get this is Team Swat, Asylum is a good level for this. A couple of goes and you will get your eye in to this, just remeber to walk around with your reticle at head height!

  2. Sha says:

    I was gonna say the same thing. Team swat guarantees a majority of your kills as head shots. just keep playing team swat until your lucky enough to hit 11 in one game (luck skill same thing).

  3. Matthew Vose says:

    You’re dead right, I’d managed to completely forget about SWAT since it became it’s own game type. Definitely a good way to go, as Buzz says make sure you’re pointing at head height, although hitting someone in the chest doesn’t preclude your next shot being a headshot.

    And Sha has the right philosophy, I believe those guys who kill me a couple of dozen times in a match are lucky and have the same skill level as me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  4. diego says:

    Most swat kills are headshots anyways. Just get 11 kills and avoid shooting people in the back.

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