Grindhouse – 14th October Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

OMG that was boring. Firefight, Firefight, Firefight, Team SWAT, rinse and repeat. What wasn’t boring however was my very first Team SWAT match of the night. Go to this page on the game and check out my stats. I almost had them too, last 30 seconds Bony came to their rescue with a couple of good shots.

Anyway, challenges. For Hyper Lethal Vector I’d recommend Firefight Matchmaking or Score Attack Gruntpocalypse, as always somewhere like Courtyard or Corvette, and pick the DMR loadout with sprint. It took a while but it’s easy to headshot Grunts, and then you can pick up the grenades they carry to use for Blast Radius. The One Spartan Army also came with trying to get these two as predicted.

I ended up using Team SWAT when aiming for More Than A Handful, since I wanted to get it done quickly. Most maps seemed to work well, although Sword Base was a little annoying because so much of the level is on slopes which can be harder to line up the headshots with (for someone of my amazing skills anyway). Asylum or Cage are always good because you can see further across the map and can line up shots better. My tactic on Asylum – make your way to your opponents base/spawning area and run back and forth through it and take them down as they move around. They’re often looking out into the field. If you’re prepared to melee you’ll find it easier as you’ll run past them.


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