Gruntpocalypse Now – 14th October Halo Reach Challenges Commentary

More Than A Handful – We had this challenge a couple of days ago, and I’ll apologise again for my poor performance when I attempted the challenge then. After my show of mad skillz last night I’ll definitely work at this one first, hopefully it’ll be 7 or 8 games. Any game type will do it for you, I’ll stick to Team Slayer so that I can keep working on commendations with a variety of weapons.

One Spartan Army – A fairly standard X kills grinding challenge, but don’t go for this one until you’ve started attempting the next two, as you’re quite likely to get it in trying for them.

Hyper Lethal Vector – The name of the challenge is a reference to your character, Noble 6, who is described as such by Catherine Halsey. 100 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking, this will come without trying over a long time, if you’re going for it specifically then either pick Sniperfigh, or even better Gruntpocalypse and get your pistol out for the lads! I reckon you’ll get 20 quite quickly in a game just on your first load of ammo in the pistol. Any map will do, but of course something like Corvette will help so you’re up close and personal quicker.

Blast Radius – Any Firefight Matchmaking type will help you here, I like Courtyard because you can easily hide on the terrace from dropship guns and throw a grenade to take out 5 or 6 dudes at a time. I think Gruntpocalypse will be a good one again though, as Grunts often carry grenades so you can just keep throwing them to take out one or two at a time. Again a smaller map with lots of enclosed spaces will help so enemies can’t get too far from it. This is a chance to up your stuck medal count.

If you really want a challenge then go for headshots in Hyper Lethal Vector in the Rocketfight game type. You don’t get any more credits, but I’ll give you much respect if you can show a game summary screen showing Rocketfight and bucket loads of headshots.


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