14th October – Challenge Conclusions

I can’t help but feel that yesterday’s challenges are a vision of the future, that at some point they’ll start becoming more and more generic like that. It might be because the challenges targetted my style of play more than anything (DMR and grenades in Firefight Matchmaking are the way I roll). There isn’t too much more I can add on them, play those game types over and over working at the targets. Gruntpocalypse is definitely the way to go for the Firefight challenges.

We have a couple of hours until tomorrow’s challenges are revealed. What haven’t we had this week? Nothing about ‘complete in legendary’ on campaign, only one on armour abilities, and I don’t think anything on specific multiplayer maps. I’m hoping at some point they start using Invasion, Oddball and so on for challenges to get people playing different variants more.

With the announcement of new maps coming at the end of November, they might set challenges in those maps to entice more people to buy them. By then I’m hoping I’ll have hit Lt Colonel and have my 1000 achievement points. Yesterday’s challenges got me a good way into Captain, so hopefully the next bunch will get me into Captain Grade 1.


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