15th October – Halo Reach Challenges Commentary

Hmmm, not quite the range of challenge rewards I talked about a couple of days ago…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – It’s only been 3 days since the last Shootin’ and Lootin’, but that was just 150 enemies. Where can we go to kill 400 enemies? Campaign or Gruntpocalypse. Each campaign mission is about 100 enemies or so (some more some less depending on how often you die), so this also allows you to rank up your Campaign commendations. Gruntpocalypse is easily 400 in a set so go nuts. Definitely worth it for 4000 cR, but I’d suggest not going for this until you’ve completed the other challenges…

A Great Friend – This will come pretty naturally with the next challenge.

No ‘I’ in Team – Should be easy enough, as long as you’re prepared to a) back off someone when you’ve melee’d them once/shot down their shields or b) be killed by that person when doing so.

My suggestions for getting assists for both challenges is to play a more open map, like Pinnacle or Asylum. That way if you manage to take down someone’s shields for someone else to kill them it’s easy for your team mates to see them. If you try it on something like Countdown or Sword Base the opponent can quickly hide round a corner. I prefer to use the Assault Rifle or a Plasma Pistol, since you can take down shields but not necessarily kill someone, and usually I’ll just run in ahead of my team mates, guns blazing, trusting they’ll take out anyone I leave vulnerable. 6 should be achievable if you’re commited to it.

Up Close and Personal – We had this one a few days ago too. Close Quarters Combat is essentially melee, assassination, sword, hammer or shotgun kills. Team SWAT is a good one as it’s pretty easy to kill someone quick with a melee, and everyone’s looking to shoot first with headshots. Any map will probably work, although as always a smaller map like Sword Base or Countdown gives you the chance to run into someone without them seeing you.

It’s a shame the credit values are so low on the three multiplayer challenges, but you might as well go for them as they’ll help you get the mega 4000 challenge, which is definitely worth it – 4000 cR represents almost 1% of the total credits needed to get Lt Colonel.


2 Responses to 15th October – Halo Reach Challenges Commentary

  1. MySecretWeapon says:

    Anytime you have a “Shoot’n and Loot’n” challenge that has several hundred kills required. It’s as simple as loading up a firefight (not matchmaking), and turn on God Mode (set yourself invincable, add 300% dmg, and unlimited clip (you can even set a loadout with a rocket launcher)) and just keep shooting. It’s faster than any gruntpocolyps game for sure. An easy 4000 points today.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That’s true, it’s a quick and easy way to do it if all you’re after is the challenge. I tend to stick to Matchmaking type games so I can use them to also boost my cR total and my commendations, in turn giving me more credits. I can totally see myself using that if I don’t have much time to get a challenge on a day.

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