Bungie Reach Challenge Announcement

So the latest Bungie weekly update is out, and there’s a couple of interesting comments about challenges. The main one is that a thermometer will appear on Bungie.net soon, which charts the community’s progress towards 117 million daily and weekly challenges completed. Once that total is reached they’ll release the next load of ranks and armour in the game.

So those of you who have hit Lt Colonel Grade 3 and are still grinding credits, you’ll now be able to progress any further.

For those of you who might be asking ‘Why 117 million?’ – well the protaganist of Halo 1, 2 and 3 is the Master Chief, the ‘head’ Spartan. His designation is John-117.

The other comment that I found interesting is that the Firefight Matchmaking will soon be changed to be for a set rather than a round. That’s good news in that there are a lot more guys to kill and ways to get credits. However it also means we’ll likely see some challenges around sets rather than rounds. You may remember the ‘Bulletproof’ challenge on 30th September, to complete 3 rounds without dying. I reckon we’ll see that back in the mix soon too.

Finally, you may have seen the notice about new DLC maps coming to Reach, for the not bad price of 800 Microsoft points. No word yet on if challenges will be set in those maps, but I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s another good way to drive sales. For me, I’m waiting to see what the achievements are on those maps before I buy them. I have a feeling it’ll be a mix of co-op and Vidmaster type achievements.

UpdateThanks to the Riley who pointed out in the comments it’s 800 points, not 300.


3 Responses to Bungie Reach Challenge Announcement

  1. Riley says:

    Matt, the new map pack/DLC is 800 MS Points for 3 maps.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I’m sure their post said 300 points earlier?! Perhaps this is a sign I should read stuff *after* I’ve had my coffee in the morning. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll update the post.

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