Office of Not Dying – Commentary

I’ve tried this 4 times so far, first time I died, I charged in, shouldn’t have done and it’s my fault, fair enough.

Second time I was with 3 guys in a party, so thought great, this will work really well. When we got to the warthog, I jumped on the gun, but one of them wanted the gun, so walked up, shot me and jumped on it. *Rage*

Third time I was taking out the Wraith when someone activated the targeting laser on my position.

Fourth time the courtyard at the beginning, the Grunts became suicide Grunts immediately and charged with about 80 plasma grenades.

The one comment I wanted to add is that if you are killed, don’t rage quit. Carry on playing but put yourself on the firing line for your team mates. Distract the Elites, play the bait for the Hunters, EMP the vehicles. You can help them get the challenge. In this way we can all help each other get it without everyone quitting and restarting over and over.

And I really wish Bungie would make it so ONI is always the first map offered in Matchmaking. I just had to go through every single other map to get to it, and by the time we got there one of the party had quit anyway.


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