Softly Softly – Reach Daily Challenges 16th October Commentary

3 really simple challenges, 1 very hard one. I said a couple of days ago we hadn’t had one about completion on Legendary and here it is. Anyway…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – This will come as you attempt pretty much any of the other challenges. In fact the fourth one is to kill 50 dudes anyway, so that might as well be worth 3000 cR for you!

Supporting Role – Slightly harder, but just make sure you don’t finish guys off, just take down your shields. I recommend Courtyard or Corvette (when do I not?), so that you’re in a small space for your team to help you out. This will probably take a couple of games to get but persevere and it will come. For once you can’t complain about people stealing kills, as it helps you out!

Office of Not Dying – Two key things to note here, first that it doesn’t specify completing it on your own, and second that co-op Campaign Matchmaking was launched today. So if like me you have no friends you can dive in there and pair up. My first attempt to check this out resulted in 4 of us saying voting down every mission until ONI came up.

To complete the mission without dying, don’t just charge into an area, don’t use vehicles as you’ll end up charging in with them, and stock up on long range ammo (DMR, needler rifle etc). Then just go slow, snipe dudes, communicate to your team so you can concentrate on one guy at a time if needed. When you meet Ghosts, Wraiths and Revenants, grab a Plasma Pistol, charge it and fire into the vehicle. This grounds it for a couple of seconds allowing you to either kill the drive, steal the vehicle or just blow it the smeg up.

The moments in the level I can see being the hardest are the AA gun activation, where lots of guys are dropped off around you. If you can have an exit strategy with a vehicle so you can scoot out of there really quickly, and stay out of the line of sight of dropship guns. The Hunters in the courtyard will also like do some harm, I’m planning to throw as many grenades as I can at them with the rest of the team, then act as the bait and turn the guys round so everyone else can shoot them in the back. Eek!

Heroic Demon – Another repeat from a couple of days ago, this will come pretty quickly, just make sure you’re not getting too close to the Elites as they’ll take you out quickly in close quarters combat.

For 7400 cR these are well worth attempting. I have a feeling I might not get Office of Not Dying as I’m


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