16th October – Halo Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

Given the challenges today, which one do you think would have been the last one for me to get? That’s right, the bloomin’ ‘Supporting Role’ assist challenge. I don’t know why, but I just could not get assists today. Just got it though, so 4 for 4 today.

The ‘Office of Not Dying’ challenge took a good number of attempts to get. Finally, I got it when XxLTD SNIPERxX obviously thought along the same lines as me, and died early on so took the lead throughout the mission going in and helping clear the way. I’d spent so long trying to get this that as I got further and further I kept dropping back more as I thought I’d finally make it. Not sure if it was worth it, but it was fun playing co-op finally.

The best advice I can give to everyone is to keep persevering, try and communicate – make sure everyone knows you’re after the challenge. If you die, please stay in the match and help out. I also think it’s easier taking on the comms tower before the AA gun, esp as you can pick up sniping type weapons at the comm unit from the Jackals and use it when you get to the AA gun. The Hunter’s are swines to take out unless someone’s turning them round, and when you get into Sword Base, watch out for Elites firing plasma shells at you, and Grunts on the top level throwing grenades.

The Heroic Demon challenge was pretty easy, I still think Courtyard or Corvette as you can respawn near them and take them out quickly. Rocketfight is a good help here too.


player modelAvg Kill Distance: 40.92 meters

Avg Death Distance: 4.87 meters

Kills and deaths over time:

  • Double Kill11
  • Killing Spree3
  • Highjack1
  • Pummel1



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