17th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

So, Pass the Rock is still bugged. Bit of a shame really. I wonder if Bungie will still give it to anyone who did get 20 assists today, or some other apology. Frankly I’d like to see it given to everyone who registers as ‘failing’ the challenge (ie everyone who played multiplayer Matchmaking today), but I can’t see that happening.

The More Than a Handful achievement came through playing 7 games of multiplayer, and in those 7 games I got 13 assists, so would have probably taken 11 or 12 games to get the 20.

I didn’t get Mostly at Night. I tried a couple of times, but tragic accidents hurt me both times. In the first, I died at the pumping station, so told my team mate I’d draw fire to help him get the challenge. Kindly he said once we’d done it we could go round again and he’d help me, but he died in the Hunter section so we restarted. Next time around, both wHs Craze and TR0N Program died early on, but stayed in to help me get through. Sadly, a poorly timed retreat on my part meant I backed into one of them just as they fired the Plasma Launcher and caught two on my back. *boom*

See my earlier comments for any recommendations on how to get this, it takes some time and is not very easy, given the open arena type areas like the pumping type station and pylon.

Textbook001 was dead easy to get, took a short time in one game but was a lot of fun. Good way to boost commendations too.

I’m hoping Bungie will formally acknowledge what happened with the bugged challenge today, but we’ll see. New weekly challenge tomorrow as well, last two weeks we’ve had one massive grind, and one that was dead easy, so it’ll be interesting to see if they come up with one that does take time to be completed, but isn’t ‘do this repetitive thing 50 times’.

Finally, I noticed some interesting differences playing today. Normally people on your team in the week have the weekly challenge, plus are working their way through the daily challenges. Today, in a team of 8 there was usually only 1 or 2 others who had the weekly and most had 0 daily. I wonder if today’s the day you see more players who chill out on it at the weekend for fun.

Combined with the surge in site visits I saw yesterday (almost double the visits I had on Friday) it’s clear weekend players include a different crowd than weekday people.


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