Pass the Rock Challenge Bugged

Just so you don’t worry you’re the only one with a prob, the Pass the Rock challenge is bugged. It currently seems to think you need to get 20 assists in one game, without dying. If that was the challenge, I’ve want a lot more than 1000 cR there, like an extra couple of zeroes on it!

Plenty of people are reporting this on the forums at, so hopefully they’ll resolve it shortly. This is the second bug like this that I’ve heard of that’s affecting everyone, after an early Firefight challenge wanted you to survive 3 rounds in matchmaking, even though it only plays one. But that’s still a small number given the amount of daily challenges there have been, so it’s not worth getting upset over. Try the Campaign challenges and come back later.

Update – 10 hours later and it’s still bugged. I don’t think we’re going to see this one be achievable today folks. Shame, but it’s not like it’s the big achievement of the day huh?


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