Pick ‘n’ Mix – 17th October Reach Daily Challenges

For probably the first time this week the challenges are really mixed, and a full range of credits for doing them.

More Than a Handful – This is the third time this week we’ve seen this challenge. It’s not particularly hard, just grind through multiplayer games of any type and you’ll get there. Hopefully in doing so you’ll also get…

Pass the Rock – As always, go for an open map so that your team mates can see your opponents and take them out more easily. I like Pinnacle or Asylum, especially using active camo or hologram.

Mostly at Night – Bungie are obviously thrilled at the release of co-op Matchmaking, and using the challenges to push people into trying it out. Which is good as that’s what they are good at. As with yesterday, communicate with your team and go carefully. If you do, stay in and help other people get the challenge rather than quitting.

Another option as suggested by Shadow5talker04 is to play local co-op, and set up two controllers. Hide your main account person at the start and use your secondary to play through the map, moving up your first when you’re sure you’ve cleared everything. I was close to doing this yesterday as I got very frustrated with losing the mission, but finally did it.

Textbook001 – You start the mission with a sniper rifle and a bucket load of ammo, with more scattered throughout the game. In Normal it’s pretty easy to take guys down with one headshot, I use active camo mostly for this so I have a bit longer to line up the shot. Don’t forget that Grunts are good for this too, so don’t just target Elites. And even if you shoot someone in the chest, the next shot can be a headshot so you still rack it up for the challenge.

All in, 6450 cR just for the challenges and then probably the same again for playing the games to get them is a nice return. Happy Sunday everyone!


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