19th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

3500 cR available today, again a slightly low amount, which is a bit less enticing to go after them.

Gunslinger – If you’re going for the last challenge today you’ll probably get this as part of it. 40 isn’t too many, I know a number of people will look at this and reckon on 2 or 3 games. Even if you’re not getting lots of kills in a match you’ll eventually get this, just grind through the games!

One Spartan Army – Gruntpocolypse is your friend here, you’ll get 100-120 kills in the time limit, so one or two games and you’re through. In tradition FF Matchmaking you’ll still look at 25 to 30 kills, so if you want to go that way you’re looking at longer, but you can include Rocketfight which helps on some of the alternate commendations. As for what map, well I reckon…

Heroic Holdout – You do it on Holdout, and you’ll pick this up at the same time as one game on the above challenge. 2100 cR for one game isn’t to be sniffed at.

The Dream Shake – This is pretty tricky though. A double kill isn’t too hard, but getting 4 just in one game is. To get a double kill you need to kill both within 4 seconds of each other. You’re probably looking at a weapon that does a lot of damage easily, so either a heavy weapon or a vehicle. However, I’m thinking of playing a map like Countdown or Reflection, which tend to see people bunching up, and includes the Elite Sword. You can easily get double kills if you run into two guys, and quite often not take too much damage so you don’t lose the sword. Reflection has the bonus of having a rocket launcher too, so you’ve got a couple of options for max kills.


One Response to 19th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Phil Downey says:

    I got lucky and got 3/4 double kills in a match, so I just went out of my way to get the fourth! However, the match ended with me having 29 kills total – and I never ever do that well. I was so mad haha. Oh well.

    My strategy was to use the Dark Assassin loadout in Elite Slayer on Powerhouse, and use a combo of Needler kills (Supercombines mostly), Grenade sticks, and melee attacks when cloaked. I followed a team mate around at all times so I could provide assistance without being seen.

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