19th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

Invasion is obviously the way to go for many kills. I got The Dream Shake on Invasion Boneyard as the attacking force. Grenades and a combination of Needler spray and melee seemed to work well, plus using the sword when capturing the core to take out defenders. It was much easier whilst the core was inside as they all clustered so I could jump them. I also managed to get 26 kills, a couple more tries I think I can get my 30.

The Firefight challenges I got through two games of Gruntpocalypse, it took maybe 20 minutes and gave me a huge amount of cR for it.

Gunslinger came just playing invasion, so only took two games to achieve.

I played Invasion Slayer twice, and no one in either game got 30 kills. The match where I got 26 kills 3 others got 25 or more too, and one guy got 30. So it’s obviously achievable that way.

Finally, I’ve seen a number of people searching for terms on the Bungie thermometer, or the 117,000,000 challenge target. I don’t know when it’s going up, or how close we are, but as soon as there is any word from Bungie I’ll be posting about it (unless it comes out in the next 8-10 hours whilst I’m getting some kip).


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