21st October – Reach Daily Challenge Outcome

I ended up playing 4 games of Gruntpocalypse tonight. I got Blastin’ and Relaxin’ and The House of Blue Leaves in the first game, which wasn’t a problem. Be Their Huckleberry came in the next game, all without any probs.

On that first game I died in the first wave, and in fact ended the round with only 1 life. Next time I worked harder at staying alive, and was killed at the end of wave 4, when I’d taken out 89 of 115 enemies by a bombardment of grenades and plasma.

The third game I was playing exclusively for the Above The Law challenge. I kept retreating, took out the heavy weapon guys quickly and did alright, until I was killed by a lucky stuck Plasma Grenade after killing 88 enemies. Not impressed as you can imagine, and some choice words used at that Grunt!

The fourth game went okay though, most of the kills were headshots which helps get through the enemies quicker, and I only had one moment of worry. Hurrah.

Best advice I can give anyone is to be prepared to go to another area of the map if you need to. Don’t belligerently defend one area, be flexible. Take out more destructive guys first, and in fact try and grab their weapons to take out groups at the start of each wave.

Hopefully tomorrow’s are as easy as toda’ys, but I feel like we’re going to have another legendary challenge in the next couple of days, and a 400 kills challenge to come too. Joy.


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