Gruntpocalypse Now Redux – 21st October Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

If you want to do this through traditional Firefight Matchmaking then have at it, but your best way to get these is easily going to be Gruntpocalypse.  I don’t think anything today is particularly difficult, and for 6000 cR it’s really well worth it.

Be Their Huckleberry – You get about 115 Grunts in one Gruntpo round, so this will take 2 games at least assuming you complete the rounds. I always stick with Corvette, since it’s a small map, and bottle neck the Grunts in the corridor to the left of the spawn point, staying just forward of the ramp up on your right when in the corridor. From there you can easily snipe most of the Grunts, go back for ammo quickly and use Drop Shield if you find too many coming at you.

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Playing for the challenge above you’ll get this pretty easily. Alternatively dive into a Campaign mission with lots of enemies and wipe them out, all of them.

The House of Blue Leaves – Not sure what the title means, Wikipedia lists it as a black comedy, but no information why 88 kills are related to it. Gruntpocalypse on FF MM is always Heroic, so if you take out everything up to the last wave you should get this.

Above the Law – A little bit tougher. I don’t know if by ‘Complete’ they mean ‘win by wiping out all waves’ or just ‘run the timer down’. Either way, use the above and get yourself in the corridor. Your biggest problem with Grunts is grenades, if they throw them either back off or run forward depending where it lands. When you see them about to throw one shoot them and they usually drop it. My other worry in completing this will be Grunts carrying Plasma Launchers, charged Plasma Pistols etc, try and snipe them before they come too close to take them out. Take it slow, back off when your shields are damaged, and reload when there are no enemies around. Use Drop Shield if you need to back off a group of opponents as the shield will protect you, allowing you to get into the spawn point, grab some ammo and come back slowly.


6 Responses to Gruntpocalypse Now Redux – 21st October Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Simon says:

    The Above The Law challenge seems to require you to actually kill all the enemies. I got into a situation on Beachhead where no more grunts seemed to be spawning, so I let the timer tick down and didn’t get the challenge completed.

  2. Phil says:

    Is it just me, or does that seem like way too much work for only 500 cR?

  3. Aaron Bregel says:

    Can you explain how to set up Gruntpocalypse? When I go into matchmaking and select co-op and then firefire I never see this as an option.

    • Phil says:

      You need to play Score Attack instead of firefight. Then Gruntpocalypse is always one of the variants you can choose like Slayer DMRs or Elite Slayer.

  4. Matthew Vose says:

    As Phil said, go to Co-Op as you’ve been doing, but use Score Attack, then Gruntpo is variant that comes up on each map. Keep selecting None until you get the map you want.

    And yes, 500 cR is not enough for staying alive through a round, although I wonder if they expected people to boost it by say playing Courtyard or Holdout and hiding in the buildings for a round.

  5. Phil says:

    Also, House of Blue Leaves / 88 kills is a reference to Kill Bill Volume 1, where The Bride takes on (and defeats) the Crazy 88 at a night club called “The House of Blue Leaves”. This made me laugh.

    “The Bride then travels to Tokyo, where she confronts her first revenge target (O-Ren Ishii) at a night club called the “House of Blue Leaves”. The Bride first severs the arm of O-Ren’s “second lieutenant”, Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), who was also present at the wedding chapel massacre. She then kills all of O-Ren’s immediate guards, including her personal bodyguard, Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama). O-Ren’s army of henchmen, the Crazy 88, then arrive, and The Bride engages them in a lengthy fight, killing or seriously wounding all of them except one. She then duels O-Ren, and eventually kills her.” from

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