22nd October – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

Almost 7000 cR on offer today. That’s pretty good, but the big challenge is going to be a toughy again.

More Than A Handful – We’ve seen this a few times recently, it’s a bit grindy but at least it gets you credits in the games you play to get it. One of the larger multiplayer games is a good way to go, something like Big Team Battle or Invasion. You can get a good number of kills in these if you try hard which make it go a bit quicker.

Covenant-cide – One game of Gruntpocalypse, or a handful of actual FF Matchmaking. There have been a lot of these this week, which is good because we get easy credits for them, but not good because it gets a bit dull.

Office of Not Dying – This is the exact same challenge we had on the 16th which is disappointing. I’m waiting to do the campaign in co-op Legendary for these challenges to work through, so that I don’t end up doing it twice. I’ll try again, but this took a few goes last time. See my previous commentary on it for some tips, again please please don’t quit if you die, stay in and help out your team-mates by being the first into a fight. Be a force for good in the Halo community.

Fourth Horseman – I think this might end up being a bit difficult, the four assists challenge was easiest in Invasion, where you have people either rushing towards you when defending or in one area when attacking. Grenades, melees and the Sword seemed to work well, plus the vehicles you get (either for taking more than one out or for taking out vehicles with more than one person in). It does just say 5 multikills in one game – does that mean a triple kill counts as 2 for the double kill and the triple kill? You get a medal for both so why not? I’ll be interested to find out. Not that I get many triple kills mind!

Let me know any tips you have for getting these, I’ll update as I’m trying with any comments I have.


One Response to 22nd October – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

  1. Aaron Bregel says:

    The way I got the four double kills earlier in the week that might work for the Fourth Horseman is to play a game like Crazy King I would let 2+ players battle it out for King and I would lob in a grenade or two for at least the double kill. It took me two tries of playing this game varient because I only got three the first time but in the second game I had 5 double kills with a fair amount of time left in the round.

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