22nd October – Reach Daily Challenge Outcome

I’ll admit now I didn’t even try to get the Office of Not Dying challenge. If you want any advice, see my posts on it from last week.

I had a really really good multi team battle of Crazy King though, where I got the weekly challenge with over 30 kills, and 8 multi kills. All in all a good effort. I’d thoroughly recommend giving it a go. What I think really helped was there was a vast mix of people in the game so I wasn’t facing a struggle to have to take out a small group of good players.

The best way for the Fourth Horseman was to wait until the hill was not in the centre and then stand off from it as everyone went in. Then as Aaron commented throw grenades and fire your Assault Rifle like there’s no tomorrow. It’s usually good watching for two people engaged in a dual and targetting one, hoping you’ll take him down and that he’s then done enough damage to the other guy you can take him out quickly too.

Also, it looks like a triple kill does count as two multikills. Very useful for bumping up to the target if you can.

Covenant-cide was one game of Gruntpocalypse, so that’s easy, and everyone should be picking that up.


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