23rd October – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

I was so hopeful about the Campaign challenge, but it wasn’t to be…

Shootin’ And Lootin’ – I wish they actually called this Grindy McGrinderson. Work to all the other challenges first and you’ll be 1/4 to 1/2 the way through this. If you want to do it really quickly just hit up Gruntpocalypse. It is an incentive to try new modes, knowing that every kill you get helps you get the challenge, so go play Infection, Rocket Race, Crazy King and more to see if there are any you prefer.

Where There’s Smoke… – You’ll get this in Firefight Matchmaking now it’s three rounds, or in Gruntpocalypse if you want. I’ll do the latter just to get it done and out of the way.

Harder Than Some – First thing that popped into my head when it said ‘any Campaign mission’ – Lone Wolf. But it doesn’t work. Possibly because you can’t ‘complete’ Lone Wolf, or just because it would be too easy. My recommendation is Nightfall. I’ll do a fuller update in a second on this, but you can run half the mission leaving you with two set pieces to do quite easily.

Neuroscience – Team SWAT all the way on this challenge. One headshot kills, and you’ve got a good chance of getting it in one game. Especially use maps like Cage, Countdown and Reflection, where you’re not likely to get sniped across a map and will be able to take people in close quarters if they’re not looking.


One Response to 23rd October – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m really mediocre with the multiplayer stuff, so your guidance finally helped me get the “New Challenger” achievement.

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