24th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

The last challenge I got was the Gunslinger one, which just took several games to get. I was a bit miffed at playing two multi-team slayer games on my own after my team mate dropped out at the start, but still got good kills amounts. I’m also debating the usefulness of multi-team to rack up kills. Yes Crazy King is useful for getting 30+ in a game, but then next game you end up in Rocket Race, where you get between 0 and 5, so on average you might have been better sticking to Team Slayer or SWAT. Will keep an eye on that, although it’s gotta be said both Rocket Race and multi team slayer are quite fun.

Points Pyramid was my first challenge, doing the space combat. As Sam said in the comments, you can pick other skulls, especially ones that give a really good multiplier. I just stuck with those that wouldn’t affect the game itself too much. Fly around and shoot the Seraphs and Banshees and pretty quickly you’ll have it done. If anyone has other suggestions let me know.

I did end up doing Gruntpocalypse for the two Firefight challenges, since I wanted to get them done quick. All in all today was surprisingly easy, more so than when  I first read the challenges!

And as in previous weekends, the majority of people on a Sunday don’t have any of the challenges. I’d be interested to hear if there’s anyone reading the site who is in this situation, and just tries to pick up the credits and get the challenges on one or two days a week.

If you’ve not got the Like Mike weekly challenge by now, I’d suggest throwing yourself into some Crazy King battles and just going after guys running to the hill. It’s not the best way to play the game, but if you’re after the cR from the challenge all you’re interested in is the kills.


2 Responses to 24th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

  1. Sam says:

    Me again.

    How often does Crazy King come up in Rumble Pit? Because I’ve played three matches and all the options have been Slayer, Slayer Pro, Slayer DMRs, or something similar to that.

  2. Matthew Vose says:

    Crazy King only comes up in Multi-Team Battle (the last option on Competitive types I think). In all the MTB variants you are paired with someone, and there are 6 pairs fighting towards whatever the goal is. In Crazy King it’s who can stay in the hill zone on their own for longest. If you’re after lots of kills like the weekly challenge then it’s definitely worth using, but for kill chases like the Gunslinger challenge today I’m not convinced it adds a lot over and above Team Slayer/SWAT types (not tried Rumble Pit yet).

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