25th October – Reach Daily Challenge Outcome

Wowser, everyone really wanted to find out about challenges today huh? Almost 600 hits in total, and that’s UK time so there’s still 8 hours of Americans looking at the site that’ll boost tomorrow’s hit count. Thanks everybody, and as always if you want to see anything else on here just ask.

I wanted to address the multiplayer kill challenges mostly. I played 4 games, 2 slayer and 2 rocket race. I had an awesome last Slayer game, with 33 kills in total and winning the game with an amazing partner. But even with that I only got 68 kills today. Rocket Race is a big downer, and in the long run for major kill grinds/chases, I might stick with Team SWAT. It also doesn’t help that my team mate in the first RR was a jerk who kept firing his rocket at the ground, then whined when I drove off and left him. So much for a fun game right folks?

The best help I can give are stick with your team mates, you’ll survive longer and share kills between you. I know Halo inspires the lone wolf gameplay style, but if you can get past that you’ll do well working together. I had a great time using the Sword and Active Camo with my team mate watching my back and taking out anyone who got me, so I could come right back and pick up where I died.

Campaign challenge was easy, and I did it on Winter Contingency at the area you help the marine squad. The Firefight challenge grind took 3 and a bit games of Gruntpocalypse. Boring, but worked it in the end. With all the credits I’m picking up I’m going to be able to stop soon when I get that last achievement and hit Lt Colonel. Hurrah!


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