26th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Hmmm, some challenges to ponder…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – I don’t even think anyone will need to try for this challenge as long as you go after the others. Chances are you’ll get most of the way done by the time you’ve spent a while in Campaign.

Secondary Fire – 25 assists should be pretty easy. Multi team battle on any variant is good, because so many people are firing you’re likely to get a few assists. Rocket Race can work if you’re driving you get an assist when your passenger takes someone out. I reckon this will take 5 or so games depending on how it goes. If you want to try other game types, open maps like Asylum or Pinnacle are pretty good so that your team mates can see your enemy and shoot them quickly. Courtyard can often be good because it gets messy in the middle, but watch for snipers and rocket jockeys.

Leadership Element – The Leader class is applicable to Buggers, Brutes and Elites. I’ve killed maybe 6 Bugger leaders so I’m discounting them straight away. Therefore, which mission has the most Elite and Brute leaders you can take out quickly? My thinking before playing is The Package or The Pillar of Autumn (levels 9 and 10), both for the last Rally Point. In each you’ve got waves of enemies dropping at you, usually with 1 leader in each set. Looking at previous games, I’ve killed about 30 or so on each of these missions where I’ve played the majority of it, so you might be looking at a few times round. Make sure you stick the difficulty to Normal, no point in making it harder for yourself. My other option is ONI: Sword Base, which I think has a number of leaders first when you’re out and about taking down the gun etc, and then when getting back into the base. But they’re spread out over the mission so I think my first options will work better.

Points, Points – I seem to remember getting the achievement for this when I was part of a team who scored more than 15,000. I don’t know whether this will be the case for the challenge, but part of me thinks not. A usual Gruntpocalypse game will get 8 or 9 thousand points, so that’s out. If it is that you have to personally get 15,000, then probably Mythic Attack variant on Score Attack is going to be the way to go. Failing that, SniperFight will probably also work. If you want to try it in the Firefight team games, then go with Beachhead and try to be the first to take out the Wraiths, since you get up to 1500 points for each one of them.

If anyone has any comments, particularly on the last 2, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Plus if you can try the last challenge and let me know if it’s granted when you’re part of a team that’d be really helpful.


5 Responses to 26th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Marcel says:

    “Points, Points”: I think you should get this easily if you play “Sniper Attack” on “Courtyard”. 😉
    If I remenber rightly, my Record is about 27k.

  2. Riley says:

    Matthew, I think you forgot they changed Firefight from a single round to a whole set. Pretty much anything you play is going to get you over 15,000. Personally, I played a full set on Rocketfight last night and got over 50,000 score.

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