26th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

Well that was a fun 90 minutes. Two Campaign missions and an awesome Firefight round, plus a bucketload of commendations. Between the three challenges I got and the actual games, I’ve gotten about 9000 credits today. Sweet.

So, Leadership Element appears to be what everyone’s searching for. I played through the Package, and would recommend skipping to Rally Point Alpha straight away, as I only got about 5 leader kills in the whole Scorpion section. Pro tip though, if you are in the Scorpion, always drive it backwards so that your cannon clears any obstructions before the main tank body, you take less damage that way.

The Sword Base and cavern fight got me almost 30 leaders, partly because I died once or twice. Make sure you’re taking the lead, as Noble squad will take guys down for you reducing your kill volume. When you get to the big firefight, you can leave the turrets off to give you more guys, but chances are that just means you’re going to be shooting more Grunts and Jackals. Definitely, definitely go after the Wraiths though, as they’ve got two leaders in. Best bet is to use DMR to snipe the turret gunner, then overcharged Plasma Pistol to stall the Wraith, jump on and pummel or grenade the big beastie. If you’re good you can just jump on without stalling it, but I tend to be run over when I try it!

There are actually two Wraiths dropped in the final wave which you can go after. Beware though, Elite Hero with sword is on the prowl, I only just took him out when he charged me!

Pillar of Autumn finished off my leader kills by the time I got to the Invasion map section, where there are 6 or 7 for you. Everything up to that point was limited though, so again you can skip a large chunk of the level. I didn’t go through the end section, but I’m certain there will be loads of leaders dropped in the last big set piece, and then the Elites around the MAC.

The other two challenges came in one Firefight Rocketfight. Riley was 100% right in the comments on my last post, I’d forgotten that Firefight is now 3 rounds, so you’ll easily get 15,000 points in it. I had a brilliant game on Beachhead, where I drove the Warthog and my only team mate manned the rockets on the back. We took out 40 something dudes before being flipped and shot, so loads of medals, assists and commendations. That’s a tactic I’ll remember when it wants Firefight assists.

I did think about going for the Assists challenge, but the reward was so low I didn’t have the motivation for it. Hopefully as in previous weeks the credits will go up each day to give us more and more. If anyone did go for it and has any tips let me know.

I’m now about 84,000 cR off getting to Lt Colonel, when all this will be worth it for that final achievement!

Finally, it looks like the 117 million challenge target is now over halfway. Head over to Bungie.net to have a look at the thermometer on the home page. It’s going up by about 7-10 mm per day, which I think is actually pretty good. 117 million for the time Black Ops is released? Nah, don’t be so cynical!  🙂


6 Responses to 26th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

  1. Duffy gt: imortal youth says:

    Bit late for this tip i know but i found that runnign through nightfall for the leaders was fairly easy. the main tip tho is to put thunderstorm skull on field promotions for eerybode so even the eva style elites count as leaders 1 go through the level with one or two deaths and it was done. keep the skull in mind if this type of challenge comes up again.

  2. Marcel (GT: "WDA I Rellik") says:

    @Duffy: This sounds really smart. Thanks.

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