27th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Low credit total today, and not commensurate with the difficulty of the third challenge.

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Between two of the other challenges you need a minimum of 100 kills, so I suspect you’ll get this naturally doing the other ones.

Covenant-cide – Oh good, another Gruntpocalypse round, we’ve not had many of them lately! This should be easy, you get about 120 enemies in Gruntpo, so head in and wipe them out, all of them. As always, Corvette’s useful as the map’s small and you can see to snipe easily from the corridor. I’ve been going with Sprint more lately, and that’s shaved about 90 seconds off my time as I’m able to get up to a platform and take out Grunts coming into the arena.

Five-Time Champ – I don’t think there’s any really easy way to do this. You could always buddy up with some people to trade off if you want. The quickest games can be Invasion, with a good squad you can do it in a couple of minutes. Your best bet is to go with a Team Slayer/SWAT type of game, with only two teams you’ve got a good chance of coming top, just make sure you’re not the weak link on your team. If you aren’t getting many kills, it’s just as important not to rush in and pointlessly give another kill to the opposition.

Oops! All Kills – This is a fairly unique challenge, and I like it. Multikills do stack, so a triple kill counts as two (because you’ve also achieved a double kill). There’s no fast and easy way to get them, although Multi-Team Battle can yield a few if you catch two people shooting each other and take them both out. Reflection’s quite nice because people tend to stick in pairs, so if you can stick one with a Plasma Grenade you get both!


One Response to 27th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Riley says:

    I haven’t been impressed at all lately with the challenges, I was hoping to see one legendary challenge for every level so far, or a challenge on Heroic with all skulls on…something that is actually “challenging”, hence the name challenge. Does Bungie think that Gruntpocalypse is difficult or something? Either way I guess the weekly challenge is a bit harder, so I spent a lot less time the last few days (with the exception of yesterdays assist challenge) doing the challenges and more time getting multiplayer matchmaking kills.

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