27th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

There’s not much I can add to my comments from earlier. I had some awesome games tonight, two that stood out. I managed to get the Oops! All Kills challenge in my second game, mostly because the opposition were working in pairs (good), but rushing around the map to take people out (bad). In Team SWAT where it’s one hit kills, you can easily stand back and snipe people, so rushing into the fray isn’t good. Save that for Multi Team.

My next win was an awesome game. My team was 4 or 5 kills behind almost from the off. This carried on until they hit about 46 when it all seemed to fall into place and I would look in a random direction, see a guy and shoot him. We ended up (just) taking the win, and a record 34 kills for me! I wouldn’t normally brag, but that’s about double what I’d expect in a game, and winning it to was a big rush.

One thing I would say is that I keep seeing Team SWAT players running up behind someone and assassinating them. In such a fast paced game where you don’t want to stay still and be vulnerable, that’s not smart. It mostly came to mind when a team-mate ran up behind someone shooting me to assassinate them. If he’d just shot them I wouldn’t have died.

And I don’t understand campers in a game like Halo. Once someone who’s camping has killed me the camera shows me where they are, so I can run straight there and take them out. It’s even easier in SWAT where you have no radar, so as long as you don’t sprint you’re okay. That’s my other thought, when you sprint your Spartan breathes heavily, and anyone near can hear it. The number of times I knew someone was near because I heard them sprinting and got to them first!

I reckon in the next day or two we’ll see challenges that we’ve not really had recently, namely completing Campaign missions either on Legendary without dying, or with skulls on. We also haven’t had many weapon specific ones, so will probably get them too.


One Response to 27th October – Reach Daily Challenges Outcome

  1. Prox says:

    As a way to keep Reach fresh and interesting, sometimes I specifically try for as many assassinations as possible. Team SWAT is a great playlist for this since there is no radar. I know that assassinating someone isn’t the smartest move (tactically speaking), but it is lots of fun. To each his own, y’know?

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