28th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Depending on how you look at it, today’s challenges either take you away from the week long chase for 1000 multiplayer kills, or are so easy they free up time to spend on multiplayer killing! Either way, a total of 7000 credits isn’t to shabby. I think these should be achievable in 3 or 4 games of Firefight:

One Spartan Army – Twice round on Gruntpocalypse, 115 or so kills per time and you’ll hit this easily. You will want to try for finesse though so that you can work on…

Hyper Lethal Vector – 200 headshots in two games of Gruntpo is perfectly achievable. Take your time, even when you shoot a Grunt elsewhere they usually won’t die so you can then re-align your shot and hit the head. You know it’s a headshot because you get the birthday explosion, which makes it a happy occasion! Be careful of using grenades, and Grunts throwing grenades, as they’ll whittle down your available headshots.

Points, Points – Now I remember that there are 3 rounds to a Firefight Matchmaking this shouldn’t be a problem. Personally I reckon Beachhead is good because you can use the Warthog with a team-mate to rack up kills and assists. Go for the Wraiths for big points, I always snipe the turret gunner and then jump on to grenade the tank. Use an overcharged Plasma Pistol to disable the tank so you don’t get run over.

One Game, One Spawn – Getting this in a Gruntpocalypse match is probably much easier than in a live Firefight match. I use Sprint these days which lets me get to the platform by the corridor on Corvette to DMR Grunts as they enter the arena, which speeds up the match and means I can take out 30-50% of the wave before they get close enough to be a threat. Key things to be aware of are Grunts with Plasma Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns, who will fire from further away; Grunts overcharging their Plasma Pistols; and Grunts throwing grenades as they get close. Take out anyone you see with a heavy or charged weapon first. If you see a Grunt pull a Plasma Grenade, shoot it and they’ll often drop it. If you hear one thrown or something fired then get out of there quickly. Always better to pull back to a different part of the map than make a brave stand. Don’t be a hero and dive in, you get plenty of time to take them all out.

As I say, this is probably no more than an hours play time for a lot of credits, so definitely go for all these. Do you have any other tips that would be helpful? Let everyone know in the comments.


5 Responses to 28th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Robbie says:

    Points Points: I suggest doing this in a rocketfight match on a slmall map like Courtyard or Corvette…I got over 23,000 the other day and I didn’t even fire a rocket for an entire set because I wanted my teammate to get the 15,000 challenge. Just make sure you don’t die too often becuase this will reduce your point becuase you won’t get any spree medals.

  2. Marcel (GT: WDA I Rellik) says:

    As already mentioned “Score Attack´s” “Sniper Fight” on “Courtyard should work too…

  3. john says:

    why dont you actually post the challenges. I like your commentary but it would be nice to know the actual challenges as well without going to bungie or getting on live

    • Jordan says:

      John what are you talking about…they are clearly listed

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Hi John, I do post the challenges every day about 5 mins after Bungie put them up (it takes a while for their site to update). If you go straight to the home page you’ll see them. It’s 11am UK time when the appear, I believe it’s 3am Pacific if you’re in the States.

      FYI, I try and rotate my posts in a standard cycle:

      Challenges – The daily challenges
      Commentary – My thoughts on how to achieve the challenges as quickly as possible
      Outcome – Having tried the challenges any further thoughts or comments

      I sometimes do a challenge specific commentary if there’s something that can be done quickly but takes more explanation or discussion.

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