28th October – Reach Daily Challenge Outcome

I can’t add anything really to previous comments. Lots of Firefight and the challenges came pretty easily. Not a bad thing if all you’re after is lots of cR! The One Game, One Spawn challenge was hardest, mostly because Grunts kept jumping round a corner and sticking me or firing a fuel rod at me instantly. Oh well.

The 117 million challenge chase looks to be coming along well. The thermometer on Bungie.net is probably about 2/3 full, and goes up a decent amount each day. I think the level cap will definitely be raised first week or so of November.

I’m away in Glasgow this weekend, so I won’t have any chance to attempt Saturday’s challenges, and may not be able to do Sunday’s either (and I have about 2 hours in which to try today’s). Don’t worry though, my wife will be updating the challenges on the site, and I’ll try and get a commentary added using my HTC Hero once I can read her post (note – the WordPress app for Android is really impressive, very easy to use and so far does everything I want).


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