117 Million Challenge Chase Update

You may have ready from yesterday’s Bungie Update that Michael Williams has been watching the challenges to see when we hit the 117 million target before the cap is lifted. Looking at the thermometer we’re maybe 4/5 of the way there, maybe more. Good going!

Apparently an average of 1.4million challenges are achieved each day, with difficulty being a big part in that value (duh). Neuroscience is listed as the most gained challenge (kill 10 enemies with headshots in multiplayer MM), which is surprising. Points Pyramid is the least gained challenge, which is disappointing as it was so easy in the end using the space combat section.

The target date is looking to be later than they expected, so I bet there will be some easy challenges coming soon. The update says on Monday the easiest challenge yet will be given to us, playing one game on multiplayer Matchmaking having signed up to Bungie.net. That’s a really good way to gather more data and up the challenge rate quickly. To sign up, just login to the Bungie site with your Windows Live ID and Gamertag (they give instructions when you first try).

They also finally announced the achievements attached to the Noble Map Pack. Some are easy, some will come naturally in play, and some will take some trying. Still undecided if I want to get them, I’m not far off Lt Colonel now so will get my 1000/1000 on achievements. Hurrah!


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