30th October – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Low credit return, but really easy to get which is nice…

Shootin’and Lootin’- If you look at the other challenges, you’ll get this naturally when you go for them, so don’t even worry.

Fire When Ready – Nice of Bungie to help chase the weekly challenge. If you go for this, Multi-Team Battle is useful as long as you can avoid Rocket Race. I reckon stick with Team Slayer or SWAT to pick up the fourth challenge.

A Satisfied Thirst – A new challenge, I like it. 250 Grunts puts you just above two games of Gruntpocalypse. I expect you’ll get the challenge just playing, so in the third game you can quit out when you hit the 250. Getting this challenge will give you the first challenge, so that’s a nice 3500 cR just in Gruntpo.

Home Field Advantage – Whilst Multi-Team Battle can help with kill counts, I reckon it’s good to go with Team Slayer or SWAT. When there are only two teams it’s easier to get the win. Keep playing and rack up those kills.

All in all, pretty easy to go for. I’ll put up another post in a minute about the announcement yesterday, including a good update on the 117 million challenge chase.


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