1st November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Wow Bungie, you really really want everyone to sign up to your site huh?

Gunslinger – Fairly easy, just play through whatever mode you prefer and you’ll hit this pretty quick. If you can avoid Rocket Race you’ll get it in a couple of games of Multi Team Battle.

One Spartan Army – Again, pretty easy. Any Firefight mode will do this in the three rounds. If you want to hammer through Gruntpocalypse to do it quick you’ll need two games, as there are only 120 Grunts per round.

House of Pain – Mythic, Tilt and Thunderstorm, so enemies are upgraded, tougher and damage is all messed up. I’ve not tried this yet but I reckon Nightfall will be the way to go for this one. Read through my previous entry on speed running Nightfall, the only real confrontation you need to do is when you actually get to the pylon, and Jun should help take out the big guys too.

Linked Up with Bungie.net – You don’t even need to play the game, just enter the Matchmaking lobby and you’re there, on Firefight, Score Attack, any Competitive type. If you’re not already signed up, go to Bungie.net and follow the instructions when you click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right. 3000 credits for about 15 seconds work!


One Response to 1st November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Zilfer says:

    I like the first level the best for these challenges because you can run half the level, fight one drop ship and then be taken to the base where you land, and then you can just hide and wait for Kat to close the door. Then you get the cut scene battle through a hallway or two and your done. To each his own however.

    GT- Zilferofshadows

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