3rd November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Very easy, and low cR, challenges today. Still, every little helps huh?

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – You’ll probably pick this up in trying for the other challenges, if not you’ll be pretty close, so let it come naturally.

Pass the Rock – Twice as many assists as yesterday, but for 5 times the credits which is good. I still say go into a Multi Team battle and play as normal, chances are you’ll end up in enough firefights that you’ll get a few per match. I think my high is 9 assists in a round, but usually it’s 4 or 5. The last time we saw this challenge it was bugged and had the extension ‘in one game without dying’ necessary to get it, I’m looking forward to trying it if it’s been fixed!

Roast ’em, Toast ’em – The key here is that you have to be firing the jetpack when you get the kill, otherwise the game won’t know you’re using it. Go straight to Rally Point Alpha where you’re given the jet-pack straight away. Grab a DMR and go to the platforms with the Bullfrogs. From there just hover and snipe some of the enemies. If they go to cover get over to the lower platform and use the corridor to take them out as they come towards you. Grenades help if you hover as they go off.

J.H. Death Machine – Named for Josh Hamrick, one of the designers on Reach. Throw yourself into anything and pick the Grenade Launcher loadout. I’ll do a fuller post on this in a minute.

So not a huge return, but at least they’re varied.


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