Halo Reach 117 million Challenge Chase

This is probably old news to you all, but the 117 million challenges have been completed, and the rank cap has been removed. That means anyone with more credits gained than the previous cap of Lt Colonel Grade 3 (540,000 cR) will go straight to their new rank. Check the Halopedia for more info on what credits are needed for each rank.

The Armory also has some new kit in as well, I assume more becoming available as you hit the required rank to buy it/try and achieve it. Bungie also said in the update that they’ll introduce huge Credit Jackpots for people who routinely finish games. Which I trust is everyone who reads this stuff, quitters can go jump!

So I’m not far off Lt Colonel and my final achievement now, hopefully I’ll have it by the end of the week.

For everyone playing, what’s the highest rank you’ve seen online? I had an excellent game with a Colonel Grade 3 tonight. Impressive stats GRR Pit Bull, especially that KDR.


3 Responses to Halo Reach 117 million Challenge Chase

  1. Zilfer says:

    Highest I’ve seen is a Colonel Grade 3 as well. šŸ˜› Hoping to be Captain Grade 3 by the end of tonight, but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve also noticed the jump in Credits, It seems i get about a 1,000 credits no matter what i play. Also taken an interest in firefight now since last few times i’ve played it with 3 other people i’ve gotten anywhere from 4-6k o.O

  2. Tom says:

    I saw a Brigadier last night, but no higher than that. I had a question, how do you change the Noble 6 pic on your Bungie.net profile? I’ve seen people have it, but cannot find that option.

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