J.H. Death Machine – Challenge Commentary

The challenge itself is going to be a pretty quick get, head into any Firefight with open weapon types and pick the right loadout. You should do this in the first wave.

I wanted to put something because I’m enjoying Score Attack at the moment, and I can see it’s going to be pretty useful for other challenges. One round gives you over 20,000 points, so it will be useful for other challenges, and you can use this as a chance to practice on it. Since the loadouts are open, you can also use it for other weapon themed challenges.

The waves go Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Skirmishers, Elites. The best weapons for each I reckon  are:

Grunts – Pistol

Jackals – DMR/Sniper

*Update* Brutes – Needle Rifle (3 hits for a supercombine – Thanks @Josh_Hamrick for the suggestion)

Skirmishers – DMR for distance, Assault Rifle for close up

Elites – Plasma Pistol and DMR

What helps even more is that the enemies drop a number of useful weapons, like Fuel Rod Cannons, Needlers, Focus Rifles, Spikers etc etc. So if there’s a type of a weapon you need to use (ie automatic weapons) you have other options too. If you need to kill off X Elites, you’re guaranteed 6 Elite Generals in a round.

All in all I think this is a useful game type for different challenges, and one worth getting good at to use more in future.


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