4th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Bucket loads of credits today. Pretty easy to get too.

One Spartan Army – You’ll get most of these kills in working towards the others.  When you go for the multikill challenge you’ll probably end up in Gruntpocalypse, which will give you up to 120 in Corvette, and easily fill up on this challenge.

Supporting Role – Bah, another assist challenge. And it’s harder in Firefight sadly. I found that Courtyard worked well, as you tend to cluster together naturally. Elites and Brutes are generally easier to get assists on, Plasma Pistol overcharges do a good amount of damage.

Killagruntjaro – Key here is that it’s 35 in one game, hence the high score. I got to 20 something in one normal Matchmaking, but hit it quickly when I went into Gruntpocalypse on Corvette. As always, multikills stack, so you’re looking to kill several at once to get Overkills or more and make it easier to achieve.

Orbital Assists – Strange one this. You’ve got to try and get to the Ordnance before anyone else and hope it’s the Target Designator not the Spartan Laser or something. Then you’ve got 2 shots to take out as many enemy dudes as possible. I was lucky enough to get one early on. In 2 shots I had 10 guys killed. Then at the end of the game it said Challenge Completed. So I don’t know if this is bugged, if it counts all target kills in games you’re in, or if I hit 15 without realising. My tips, ummmm, get the Target Designator as quick as possible and fire it at the dropships so they take out everyone they drop.

The good news with all these credits are that I’ve picked up the Lt Colonel rank, and finally have all the achievements in Reach. I’ll continue doing the site for the meantime, but might look at expanding it or introducing more elements as I think are worth having.


5 Responses to 4th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Riley says:

    Matthew, I have a tip for getting the assist challenge…I don’t know of a better/easier way than the following…

    Play sniperfight and get the person going for the assist challenge to shoot the plasma turret on the dropship once, then get another person to finish it off. There should be 5-6 dropships per round, totalling 15-18 dropships a set so 2 games EASY.

  2. Aaron Bregel says:

    Congrats on getting to Lt. Colonel and 1000/1000gs in Reach. Your blog has helped me to get to Major 3 already! I still have the solo play through of Lengendary to get to 1000

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Good luck with that Aaron, I’d offer to help but that might negate the solo-ness of the achievement. Well done for getting over the Warrant Officer Grade 3 hump though – it takes some doing to get past it!!

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