5th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Today’s challenges are – Easy, grind, difficult and ‘this is how eye-roll’.

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – You’ll get halfway to this doing the next challenge, and a good chunk if not finished on the third challenge. If you need to up the total then go to your favourite game type or something you want to practice (see my J.H. Death Machine/Score Attack post a couple of days ago).

More than a Handful – 125 isn’t too bad, but it’ll take a while. Multi-Team Battles in either Crazy King or Slayer will get you loads of kills, but if you get sucked into Rocket Race then you’ll find yourself behind where you would be with just Team Slayer/SWAT. Pick whatever you’re best at and grind away. This is also a good chance to build up your multikills for the Multiplicative Weekly challenge.

Mostly at Night – We had this a few weeks ago, and I had some good attempts but didn’t complete it. Best to do it on co-op and be open that this is what you’re aiming for. As always, if you die in attempting it please don’t quit – say to everyone that you’ll help them achieve the challenge by taking the fire, being the first one into a fight etc. Everyone will get it much quicker if you work together, trust me!

Suit Up! – Quoting one of my favourite characters on TV at the moment, this is so easy it’s not funny. I don’t know if this just means ‘change the armour selection’ or if you actually have to buy something. If it is to buy something new it might be a bit annoying for those who have bought everything they can, and don’t have the credits to get something new, but it just means work at those above until you get enough to buy new knee pads. Hopefully it actually just takes allocating something new and you’re good to go.

If anyone wants to arrange some Nightfall groups for later please feel free to use the comments to list Gamertags and what time you’ll be on (let everyone know if it’s GMT, EST, PST etc please).




3 Responses to 5th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Gerry says:

    Congratulations on “Reach-ing” Lt. Colonel! And thanks for continuing to post the challenges anyway. Like a few others that have posted here before, I too really appreciate your site because it is not getting blocked at work. But in fairness to you, you have also put together a very clean, professional, and easy-to-read site. You are also very prompt about getting info posted. Thanks again! I will do my best to share my ideas for completing these challenges.

  2. Jordan says:

    if someone wants to do the mostly at night challenge, i will be on at about 11PM central time in the US…let me know if you are interested

    GT – WalkerTXRan9er

  3. Riley says:

    1250cR seems pretty low for such a difficult challenge. The last time I did nightfall on legendary with 1 other person it took probably around 2 hours. By contrast, “Office of Not Dying” has been twice a daily challenge and I finished it without dying both times. Previously you got 4000cR for these challenges, and I think it’s about time they picked a new level instead of re-doing previous ones.

    That said, my GT is ShadowScythe99 and I will be on anytime between 5pm-11pm MST.

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