6th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Pretty standard challenges today, all of which will probably take some time investment to do…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – As always with the total kill volume challenges you’ll probably pick this up in attempting the others. In fact if you get the next two you’re almost guaranteed to have it.

Side note, have you noticed how with any game mode kill challenges, it always says ‘any game mode in Reach’? As though someone might go ‘well I’ve kill 180 today in ODST so why doesn’t the challenge work’.

Gunslinger – Another kill chase, this time for multiplayer and slightly fewer than yesterday. Hit up your favourite game type, I still extol the virtues of Multi Team Battle on either Slayer or Crazy King, you’re looking at 20+ per game so should hit this in an hour.

Points, Points – You should get this in a normal Firefight Matchmaking now they’re three rounds long. As I said a couple of days ago, Score Attack variant played in Score Attack mode should yield you 20,000 points too, as well as a variety of weapon and enemy types to up your commendations. You need to be careful you don’t die too much otherwide you’ll end up with about 19,500 points and won’t be too impressed.

… Got a Triple Double – I can’t really give a huge amount of advice on how to get this. Multi Team works well for double kills if you can take people out in a firefight, Crazy King’s good for throwing grenades into the hill when people are duking it out. Looking at previous games, I get 2-5 multikills per game, and most come on a close map like Reflection or Sword Base in Elite Slayer Multi Team. I think this is likely because people go in pairs, so if you can stick one you’ll often take out both. The Sword is also useful because you can quickly dispatch two guys. If you’re a fan of camping (which I’m not) then Active Camo and a sniper rifle down a corridor will also do you good.

Good luck with these folks. Only two days left to get Multiplicative, and today’s challenges should help you along that path too.


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