7th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

4700 cR isn’t bad, and these aren’t terribly difficult.

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – You’ll hit 90 enemies in doing the rest (as flipping always).

A Friend in Need – Courtyard all the way, particularly on the Elites and Brutes. If you do 40% or more damage and someone else kills the enemy in 4 seconds you get an assist. So when you start seeing Elites and Brutes start hammering them (particularly using an overcharged Plasma Pistol on Elites) when there are other people clustered around you.

Leadership Element – I’ll do a fuller post on this in a minute as it was not reached by many people last time around, I recommend The Package or Pillar of Autumn, both from Rally Point Alpha.

Neuroscience – Team SWAT. Don’t even think about doing this elsewhere. You should get this in one game, but it’s pretty quick to get through games so you can run twice if needed.


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