Leadership Element – 7th November Commentary

So, which mission is best for this? You get leader class in Bugger, Elite and Brutes. There are three missions that you can play to get a good number of leader kills:

ONI Sword Base – There are about 10 up until you get into the base, and then a bundle when you’re actually in there. Do this a couple of times if you want an easier mission, but I prefer…

The Package – From at least Rally Point Alpha you’ll see a good amount of leaders. In fact I’d go so far as to recommend going to Rally Point Beta – straight into the cavern fight. Lots of leaders are dropped, including 2 per Wraith (don’t go into the elevator at the end, take the Wraith’s first). If you leave the turrets off too you’ll have a good chance to shoot more, but it’s likely to be more Grunts and Jackals you end up fighting. Oh, and watch out for the Elite with a sword at the end!

Pillar of Autumn – Again, skip at least to Rally Point Alpha as there are hardly any at the beginning. Once you’re through the caves and you come out into the Invasion – Holdout base there are loads of enemy leaders to take out throughout, and then a load dropped in the Firefight at the end, with more Elites as you head to the MAC.

Finally, a great tip from Duffy (gamertag imortal youth) – put on the Thunderstorm skull. This gives all enemies promotions, so you get even more leaders in the level. At this point missions like Nightfall become a lot more viable, and means you can just play through a level and you’re going to be a good way there.

Duffy gt: imortal youthD

4 Responses to Leadership Element – 7th November Commentary

  1. Ryan says:

    Lone Wolf with Thunderstorm on works just as well. Rock out Normal difficulty and go to town killing all the leaders there.

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