**Updated** Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 8th November

*Update 2* I gave this a go tonight in working for the There Are Many Like… challenge. It is at the very least in one game, but you can a) restart mission and b) die. So I went through until I was out of bullets, and started again a couple of times and got both challenges together. Simples.

*Update 1* Well spotted Shadow5talker04 , the weekly challenge is actually in one game. That’s a bit more of a challenge. I’ll try later restarting this mission and see if that removes your kills, I suspect it will. In that case, it’s still achievable, just don’t waste bullets, pick up as many ammo refills as you can – there’s a Sniper Rifle on the ledge just before the pumping station, and then after the pylon as well. If you know of anywhere else do please comment.

There was a similar challenge to this a couple of weeks ago, looking for 40 kills but with no difficulty setting. The key here is that it’s only kills with the Sniper Rifle, and only headshots. Also specifies Heroic so I don’t think Legendary would count.

Personally, I’m going to leave this challenge until next weekend. There may well be a daily challenge looking for headshots, enemy type kills, or even Sniper Rifle kills, so you can tie the two together. When I do want to attempt it though, as before I’ll play through the mission up to the meeting with the Gúta (possibly just after because you can get some more before going into the pumping station firefight). Then I’ll restart the mission and do it again. Although you can get a lot continuing on, they get progressively harder, and given you start the mission with 50 ammo in the rifle it’s easier just to do those first two or three camps over.

Don’t forget the Jackal and Grunt heads are lower than their backs, so make sure you account for that. I also always pick up the Active Camo, so you can stand in a good position and snipe without fear of returning fire catching you.

If you really want to grind it with no difficulty but some time, Tim suggested in the comments last time to sneak up on the first Elite, headshot him, then restart the mission. Rinse and repeat 70 times and you’re there.


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