11th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary – Firefight Thursday

It’s Thursday, so it must be ‘All Firefight, All Day!’

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Fill here with your own variant of ‘you’ll get this in the other challenges’.

A Friend in Need – As always, aim for Elite’s shields, particularly with overcharged Plasma Pistol. I’m a fan of Courtyard for this because you tend to cluster together with other people so it makes Assists more likely.

One Game, One Spawn – Same advice as the last time we had this challenge – Gruntpocalypse, use Sprint to let you get to the platform by the corridor on Corvette to DMR Grunts as they enter the arena, which speeds up the match and means you can take out 30-50% of the wave before they get close enough to be a threat. Key things to be aware of are Grunts with Plasma Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns, who will fire from further away; Grunts overcharging their Plasma Pistols; and Grunts throwing grenades as they get close. Take out anyone you see with a heavy or charged weapon first. If you see a Grunt pull a Plasma Grenade, shoot it and they’ll often drop it. If you hear one thrown or something fired then get out of there quickly. Always better to pull back to a different part of the map than make a brave stand. Don’t be a hero and dive in, you get plenty of time to take them all out.

Just Hold On… – Slight ambiguity here, is it 20 rounds total or in a row? If it’s in a row then this is really hard. 20 in total sounds more like a weekly challenge, but it’s got 3000 credits attached so it can’t be all bad. From previous experience this can be done in Score Attack as well. If you’re committed enough, work through this repeatedly on Gruntpocalypse or Score Attack variants. If you’re in a bigger map you’ll probably find it easier, although not shorter. On Corvette you can get through a game quickly but chances of death are higher because of the tight spaces and annoying Grunts with Grenades and Heavy Weapons!

A metric buttload of credits for all this, but you’re likely to be spending 4 or more hours achieving them, so it’s up to you how urgent they are. For me, I might try them, or I just received Rugby League Live, so I could spend my time on that. 😀


10 Responses to 11th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary – Firefight Thursday

  1. Silas45 says:

    Just Hold On…well I think it is 20 rounds total and remember that they are “rounds” not “sets” so if you complete a perfect score attack game then you have completed 5 rounds already…so if you play smart you should be able to get this in 4 or 5 score attack games…which shouldn’t take longer than 2 hrs at most.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That will be worth testing. I’ve got a feeling a round is considered 5 waves (each set of reinforcements), and a set if 3 rounds (not inc bonus round). So you get 3 rounds if you survive an entire Firefight Matchmaking match.

      • Silas45 says:

        true…when I get home I will have to test it out. thanks for the post!

  2. Silas45 says:

    Just hold on….oh or if you are good/lucky enough to complete an entire 4 player firefight game without dying then that is 15 rounds complete (3 sets x 5 rounds a set). So really you could do one 4 player match and one score attack match and you could be done if you are perfect throughout.

  3. Kav says:

    I’m fairly certain regular firefight matchmaking is 1 set, composed of 3 rounds, of 5 waves each. I could be wrong.

    • Silas45 says:

      you are all probably right…i’m think i’m just trying to be hopeful beucase I can’t play for 4 hours today…haha.

  4. piyo says:

    There’s something weird going on with Matchmaking > Firefight. Bungie seemed to have upped the Sets to 2, with a Bonus round. I spent all of my time there because the upped difficulty was so fun. Although I could not get more than one non-death Round completed out of 3 hours of playing. 🙂 😦

    Also Sniper Attack and Rocket Fight seemed to let you pick up enemy weapons today. For a while I think that Bungie changed Sniper Attack so that you could not pick up enemy weapons.

  5. Jordan says:

    just hold on seems like a weekly challenge to me…no way will i try for this tonight

  6. joel says:

    @Kav – yeah that’s right. One firefight equals one set plus one bonus round (and if you survive the bonus round you won’t get credit for the “Just Hold On” challenge). One set is three rounds, each round has five waves. You’ll know it’s a ROUND when the “Five Enemies Remaining” voice comes on.

    And it’s not twenty in a row, thank Bungie. Cumulative 20 ROUNDS without dying, you can get three per firefight and one per Score Attack.

  7. Trey says:

    The “just hold on” challenge is bogus for a single day challenge. No way is it worth the 3k.

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