12th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary – Dude, Where’s Your cR? Edition

The Challenge Overlord at Bungie obviously decided they’d been too loose with credits this week so reined it in for Friday…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Stop, don’t say it. This will not necessarily be done when you’ve done the others. In fact I reckon the others will only give me about 150 kills at most, so once I’ve done them, I’ll probably jump in a Firefight Score Attack to finish this off and get some Commendation extras.

Covenant-cide – Any Firefight mode will see you through this, no limitations on difficulty, kill type, enemy type or weapon, so have at it however you want.

Eyes in the Sky – You get the Target Designator after clearing the Courtyard. I reckon you’ll take out 5-8 dudes at that point, so you could just use it, go back to checkpoint and start again – assuming the challenge works that way. To capture 10 at once, I think the dropship either at the AA guns or the Comms relay would be worth targeting. The first switch to hit at the Comms relay also has a lot of guys by it so that would probably also get you 10 at once. Either way, you’ll do it by using any two of these locations with your two shots (I wish you could get more ammo pick ups for the TD).

Close Talking – Close Quarters Combat is melee, assassination, Sword, Hammer and Shotgun (let me know if I’ve missed any). It’s actually my normal way of playing to melee guys so it should be pretty quick. The shotgun’s pretty powerful on the Asylum map, especially if you stay around the tunnels by each spawn base. The sword in Countdown and Reflection can also yield a load of kills too.

So there you have it, these should be easy and quick to get, as shown in the cR you get for each. I’ve added polls today to get your reactions to them and see what you think of each, let me know what you think of them. And yes, I know they’re formatted oddly at the moment, this is my first time trying so I’ll be playing with settings as I use them more.


5 Responses to 12th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary – Dude, Where’s Your cR? Edition

  1. Tuesday says:

    Not seen this blog before, I just bookmarked it.

    A quick note for all the people with much love but little spare time for Halo Reach (such as people with families or jobs) – to complete the Blastin’ and Relaxin’ challenges in roughly 15 mins (depending on the amount of kills required of course), just create a Firefight with infinite health, no reload infinite rocket launcher, put the rounds on unlimited and make all of the squads low health grunts. By the time the bonus round arrives you should easily be in the region of a few hundred kills 😀

    If you do this with all skulls turned on and Elite Generals instead of Grunts, you can get the Heat in the Pipe challenge fairly quick too

  2. SMOO says:

    For Eyes in the Sky, you can get this in 1 shot early on. At the start of the mission, take the ramp up the right and dodge/kill the elite up there. Continue sprinting towards the garage with the target designator all the while dodging enemies (do not kill them). Pick up the TD, and back up all the way to the other side of the garage with the closed door (to the wraiths). You just got a checkpoint. Meanwhile the enemies you ran past are headed towards you in 1 big clump. Aim in the middle of them and you should have your 10 kills, if not, reload the checkpoint.

  3. Trey says:

    For the close quarters I’d recommend playing an invasion game type. You’ll be guaranteed shotgun/sword during the third round of each turn, pretty much guaranteeing you an easy 10 close quarters kills throughout the game.

  4. Matthew Vose says:

    Great suggestions guys, I like them a lot.

    SMOO – Is it easy enough running past everyone when on Heroic? I figure Sprint will help, but I always use Active Camo for moments like this which you won’t have.

    Trey – That’s a nice idea, especially if you like Infection. I tend to suck at it when I play so I wouldn’t (I think my record is about 5 kills in a game).

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