ReachDailyChallenges – One Month In

It’s now been a month since I first opened this blog, just as a way of discussing the challenges and getting some useful tips on how to achieve them quickly and easily into cyberspace. I’ve had some great dialogues here and on XBL with people about it, so thanks to everyone. A few highlights of the 103 posts so far:

  • Monday 18th October – The first day I had over 500 hits in a day, 557 to be precise. Helped by the Pass the Rock challenge being broken the day before, and Monday always having a high number of visitors
  • Tuesday 2nd November – My busiest day so far – 917 visits to the blog. Astonishingly, one of my least updated days as I was away from the internet all day so commentary wasn’t posted until just after midnight on the 3rd
  • Hitting the 117 million challenge target – I’m hoping we’ll get some more info on the setup of this in the next few months, once the competition between Halo and COD has died down, but it obviously worked well, and putting the easiest challenge ever up really did get people online that day
  • J.H. Death Machine – I could quite easily put this under two highlights, first of all finding out that the challenge is named after Josh Hamrick, as he says he’s ‘the guy who made the weapons go bang in Halo: Reach’, and then also getting a tip from him (that admittedly I knew but hadn’t thought to put down) about killing Brutes
  • First Comment, 12th October – The first comment on the site was from Shadow5talker04, who also runs a site that talks about challenges and has over the month helped add in some great strategies and thoughts on getting credits
  • Getting Lt Colonel – The day I finally hit Lt Colonel and got 1000/1000 Gamerscore in Reach. My first 100% on a Halo game, mostly because I haven’t played them much online since Halo 2, mostly because I don’t have the time – I realised early on that Daily Challenges would be my way of doing this most easily

Some great times, and don’t worry I’m planning to keep this going until I think very few people are interested. I’d still love to interview someone at Bungie about the challenges as I’m fascinated by the structure of it all.  And at some point soon I might start adding more data to the site about each challenge.

Thanks again everyone for visiting – if you want to see more on here, or have any thoughts I’d love to hear from you.  Equally if you’ve particularly enjoyed or disliked something I’m all about the feedback.

And look out for my Rugby League Live review coming soon, I know it’s the hot game of the moment that everyone’s playing online!


One Response to ReachDailyChallenges – One Month In

  1. Silas45 says:

    I just wanted to say thanks again for doing this. My workplace blocks gaming sites so this is the only way I can view the challenges while at work so then I can decide before I go home if I should make time for some Reach or not!

    On another note…I apologize to all the readers yesterday..I was wrong about the firefight challenge of doing 20 perfect rounds…my bad! I will do some more research next time before I try to help out.

    Thanks again!!!

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